Favorite Plus Size Bloggers

I follow quite a few fashion bloggers so I thought I'd break them up into categories and share them with you guys. So first up, my top 3 fav curvy bloggers. Next up will be my fav American bloggers, so stay tuned.

This awesome 27 year old persian babe from Florida is Nadia. I've followed her for years and am so happy for her with the progress she has made in her career. Nowadays there is no way you can look up "top plus size fashion bloggers" without seeing her name on the list. She originally started her blog in her early 20's when she moved to NYC but wasn't accepted in the fashion schools she applied to.  Then she entered an American Apparel model search and slowly blew up since then. She recently did a capsule collection with Lord and Taylor and Boohoo, and has modeled for Additional Elle,American Apparel, Nike, and countless others.  Check out her blog and her snapchat, she is freaking hilarious.

This 25 year old British beauty is Gracie. She is one of my favorite youtubers, I've been a subscriber for years. She's one of those people you feel like you know, because she is so open about everything , her journeys and struggles in life. 2015 has really been her year, there is so much she has gotten to do. She signed with a modelling agency, she's hosted stuff for London's MTV studios, and so much more, all while still being really humble and relatable. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for her. 

Little known fact: she was an extra in the first two Harry Potter movies.

This parisian obsessed blogger based in Florida is Thamarr. I've known about her for over a year but only seriously been following her this past year. I really love her feminine vibe and she execute's each look perfectly. 


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