A Day in the Life

Here's a quick little post on my day last Wednesday the 27th in pics. 

6AM: looking at the same old clothes and lamenting on having nothing to wear but 5 minutes later quickly scrambling something doable together. *I really need to start planning my outfits the night before! **Tip for making you closet look a bit better and more organized=use the same set of hangers. Once I read that in a magazine article and I immediately went to Walmart and bought 3 cases of the cheap 97 cent black plastic hangers and its so true, just having all the same hangers makes your closet appear more organized. It saves you alot of work too, I really recommend you all try it.  
7:50AM: green tea and Pandora on the walk from the parking deck to class. 

8AM: class has started but I can't go in there without my face at least being half way decent, so in the ladies I quickly do my brows,apply foundation and concealor, eyeshadow, and a rushed coat or two of mascara. *Maybe if I'd planned my outfit the night before, I would've had time to do my face at home. I never learn, because this happens allll the time!

10AM: halfway through the first class of the day. 

12:30PM: believe it or not I have limited food options for lunch but that day I was just feeling like fries and a milkshake which luckily Only Burger has. 

7:06PM: after a long day I just felt like treating myself to the usual veggie bowl, especially since I couldn't be bothered that day to cook once I got home. 
10PM: I end my Wednesdays with the new episode of American Crime. This show is the shit, point blank period. 


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