Mad Men

Not only is this one of my all time favorite shows but it's also hands down one of the best shows of the past decade (with a boatload of awards to prove that point). This show and Breaking Bad were the two that really, in my opinion, brought AMC to the map. It wasn't a channel well known before then but now with those 2 shows, along with The Walking Dead and others, AMC is becoming known for brilliantly written and produced TV shows. 

After the premier, Mad Men-inspired collections popped up all over the runways in 2008, with either the show or Janie Bryant (the award winning costume designer) being named as inspirations for that season. 

Bryant has said that not only does she rely on other designers for inspiration on a character's look, but on real life people as well, an example being Grace Kelly as the inspiration for Betty Draper. 

She beautifully transitioned all the characters from the 60's to the 70's, making the wardrobe's look fresh and new but still true to who these characters are in the new decade. 


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