Current Summer Skincare Products

All the products I've been using lately

I always have to use a makeup wipe first. Usually the Equate brand if not the YES brand from Ulta

I love this Lancome night time creme! This pomegranate mask is from H&M( the beauty line can be found at the Triangle Town Center location for you NC peeps). I'm glad I randomly found it among my things because I need to make a conscious effort to do masks once a week instead of like, once a month. 

The Equate brand of Apricot Scrub is just as good as the St Ives one, and I've been using both since I was 13.  This Lancome facial cleanser is my favorite and the bottle is small but OMG, it's been lasting me a looooonnngg time. This is the last Sephora fiber mask I have so I'll have to go back soon and get some more. They are my favorite and leave the skin feeling soooooooooo SOFT, it's unbelievable! And I'm so glad I just got this brush because it's something I should've been using months ago! It's really good with the Apricot Scrub for getting a great exfoliating experience at home. 

What products do you guys like using during the summer?


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