Beauty Haul

Today was payday so right after school I headed over to Sephora because I had planned on getting the Anastasia Brow Definer. Turns out they didn't have it, so I started walking around looking for any little thing to buy with this money that was just begging to be spent,lol. A few minutes later I saw the face masks which I always said I'd eventually try so I was like, why not? It's winter time so my skin could DEFINITELY use these, AND they're buy 2 get one free!
I'm super excited to try fiber masks. 

Next I went to Ulta and of course after I get the one thing I planned to get I remember all these other things I need. The concealer was the big splurge today. I just kinda felt like, if I know I'm planning to get one in a few weeks, why wait? Remember, I just got paid so I was feeling a bit wealthy,lol.  It's Stila's brand new concealer and a shade lighter than what I'm used to so I finally have something to highlight with. Stila is such a good,reliable brand so I know it's def the right addition to my little makeup collection. 
The Nyx is just a dupe of the Revlon 001 lip crayon that I like, so I decided to get it because it was $2 less (after picking the concealer I knew I had to start being thrifty). And I had lost my essence gel top coat so I needed to replace it. Major key to success: gel or matte top coat is the only way to go. Basic topcoats now won't do anything to protect against chipping. 

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for my next post on the Golden Globes best and worst dressed! 


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