Best and Worst Dressed of the 2016 People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards kick-started the 2016 award season (my favorite season other than spring). So here's the first of many Best/Worst dressed lists of the year.

All the media outlets online and myself agree that Kate was the #1 best dressed of the night. She's wearing Stella McCartney. 

Been a fan of Renee since Still Standing, an underrated sitcom from the early/mid 2000's. 

Have loved Natalie since The Tudors but her big break didn't come till she was cast in GoT and the Hunger Games movies. Here she is wearing Roland Mouret. 

Shay really brought the Slay! #2 best dressed of the night wearing Haney. I think people over look her for Ashley and Lucy but Shay is gonna blow up once she's done with Pretty Little Liars, just wait on it. 

Ashley Benson and Shay are the most fashionable PLL stars. Those two never disappoint. Just follow them on Snapchat to see what I mean. 

Lea Michele 

Vanessa in KAYAT. Most don't get her bohemian vibe but I love how she brought it to the red carpet. It's very true to her aesthetic and I think she killed it. 

Maggie Lawson in Self Portrait. 

Shelley Hennig in Gomez Garcia. Have loved her since her Days of our Lives days. Hate hate hate this outfit. 

Frankie Grande. smh. 
Jane Lynch

Chandra Wilson. So it seems like its a pattern for her hair stylist to be doing the most whenever she has a red carpet to be at -__-   With this look her team chose the wrong combo of dress and shapewear(materials of each probably just should not be worn together) , the sleeve design is ick, the necklace is a no, and these heels are an absolute FAIL. It should not (but sometimes appears to be) difficult to not only dress an actress over 40 for the red carpet, but especially a black actress over 40. 

Material is wrong. Design and cut is totally wrong for her body. Hairstyle kinda goes with the dress but not with her(if that make sense to yall). Although I despise Julianne as an entertainer I'd happily become her stylist because it really should not be this hard to dress her for a red carpet event and her stylist continues to drop the ball. 

Carly Rae Jepsen. Just....why? Why are they trying to still make her relevant? Why would she do that to her hair? So many questions........

Material of this is too overwhelming for her and just.....NO! I know what the designer was trying to create. This is the wrong person and the wrong event for this dress to be apart of. 

Everyone just knows her from the Big Bang Theory. But let me tell you, I've been a fan since even BEFORE she was on 8 Simple Rules (her kind-of big break and my favorite work that she's been a part of). She's not a fashion girl, she's into horses and her job. I like her, I abhor( yes, I actually abhor) this look. Wrong hairstyle & cut, wrong dress for her body type(she/her stylist should know this!) and wrong shoes. Again, it annoys me sooo much when you have a Hollywood actress(who should not be much of a problem to dress)  but is paired with a terrible stylist (don't get me started on Lupita's stylist, that could be a whole post in and of itself.)  


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