As well as being a fashion addict, I'm a total TV addict as well, so I knew eventually I'd do posts about the costuming of some of my favorite shows. I know most people don't do this but whenever I watch a show or movie I'm not just enjoying the story but I'm also always paying attention to the wardrobe and how well the Costume designer outfitted all these characters. Costume designing is certainly a dream of mine, as it would be combining both of my loves, film/TV and fashion. Suits, one of my favorite shows, is returning tonight so it is well fitting that it would be the first show I'd feature in this new series of posts I will be doing. 

"A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view" 

The female actors of this show are so so lucky because the costume designers always have them decked out in Dior,Prada, Victoria Beckham, and Burberry.

I could go on and on about Jessica's wardrobe but I won't. She's the HBIC and has a wardrobe to match.  

The designers focus on color combinations and texture when it comes to the men's aesthetic.

As I have been learning this past year, men's fashion is not as simple as it might seem. Yes, all the guys are wearing suits but its amazing when each suit is perfectly tailored to fit their character and their body's. Like the width of Mike's tie perfectly describes the kind of character he is, without him having to say it(the wonders of fashion). Harvey's suits literally fit like a glove. He's a boss and you can tell through not only the clothes, but the accessories, haircut, design of his office, and his strut. 


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