Game of Thrones

In lieu of the season 6 premiere last night, today's post is dedicated to Game of Thrones: one of the hottest shows on TV and one of my all time favorite shows. Not only is this show well written and directed, it is so incredibly costumed. I'd die if I got the chance to be part of the wardrobe team for this show. Of course with the kind of budget they have, how could they not have the best crafted garments for every single person on the show, whether a main character or an extra? 

Michele Clapton was the costume designer for the first 5 seasons, and has won 2 Emmy's for her work on the show.  She did an amazing job of dressing each character based on the family/region they are from. Her costuming + the sets and location MAKE this show! 

Have you guys been keeping up? Who is your favorite character? 


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