Pretty Little Liars

Plot Twists and Fashion are the two things this show is not only known for but excels in. I've loved this show from the beginning ( I think I was on the second book when it was announced that they were making it into a show) 

Mandi Line is the costume designer for the show. Her work on features such as On the Doll and The Clique helped develop her "individual style and hands-on approach to role and character." Which from this show, we can tell how brilliant she is at it. Especially with the second half of the latest season, when the show starts back up 5 years after the first part. I think she did a phenomenal job at showing how the 18 year old characters dress once they're 23. 

There were so many images to choose from, but I had to limited it to 8 so as not to bombard ya'll.  

Mandi does an especially great job when there's a themed episode (wedding,prom,halloween,etc) 

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premieres this summer, don't miss it! 


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